Anything is possible.

From the time I can remember, I have been a goal setter and achievement oriented.  this can be very positive, and the down side was that often I would avoid starting something unless I was pretty sure that the outcome would be successful.  It has been who I am.  Nick has helped me see that there is a different way.

Over the years, he has made attempts at many different things.  Most of which don’t fit the doctors descriptions of his capabilities and capacities.  In addition to the obvious things that he has learned through hours and hours of physical, speech and occupational therapy, he has snow skied, he has ice skated, he learned to twirl his partner while dancing.  He learned to swim, he has snorkeled searching for sea turtles.  He regularly practices yoga with his wonderful teacher Kelley Rush.  Her studio, Two Rivers Yoga is just down the street, near our home.

Nick is willing to try new things and practice them for years if necessary.  The joy he feels is in the journey not necessarily in the accomplishment of the task.

Lately at 37 years of age, he has been working on using a knife to cut up his own food.  So far it is a butter knife, but who knows, with Nick anything is possible.

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