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We were without power for over 36 hours and although that can seem like a hardship to bear, we really were comfortable.  Arden has developed a backup-generator system that is automatic.  It runs the furnace, many of our appliances and the lights.  My main complaint is that we don’t have internet including our internet based telephone service when we have a power outage.

While this situation can bring some stress with delayed work projects and clients who left messages that have gone unanswered because we haven’t been able to hear them yet.  Truthfully this is not a crisis.

It is sort of like having the stomach flu and you are not feeling good then you talk to someone who going through chemo and they haven’t felt good for months.

Or when you feel extra stress with your care-giving duties and then you read about someone who has lost their loved one they were caring for.

Our priorities will change when our perspective shifts.  It is easy to feel that the situations we are faced with are too difficult to for us to handle.  However, if we look outside ourselves, we will notice that often the burdens others are carrying are greater than ours.

Even though I did feel a bit anxious when the day seemed to be passing by without electricity and I was very excited when the power and internet came back on this afternoon, this was not really a hardship.  It was a bump in the road.

Take a breath, ask yourself if what your facing really is an insurmountable obstacle, or is it just a bump.  Gaining that perspective will reduce anxiety and increase your joy in life.

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