It is said that patience is a virtue.  I suppose that is true.  My problem is that I have had many situations throughout my life that could be teaching me patience and yet I still experience things that take me to the edge of my patience.  I do hope that my capacity for patience is increasing, I just can’t tell because I keep being pushed to my limit.

I do think that one thing that has changed is my perception concerning what is something to get upset about and what is something to be lived through.  I think that my personal trigger point that escalates my emotions from stressful to overwhelm is less sensitive over the years.  It does seem to take more to put me over the edge.  So maybe that is patience.

I also believe that my confidence in my abilities to find a solution or a work-around in a difficult situation has increased.  I know that I can stop, take a breath, say a silent prayer and more often than not, I can come up with a plan.  I didn’t know that about myself when I was younger.

I try to tell young mom’s something that I wish I could have told myself all those years ago, “you will get through this and you will have wonderful memories of these years.  You might remember some of the stressful times, but mostly you will remember the joyful ones.”

I think that the most virtuous part of patience is when we learn to have patience with ourselves.  Gaining this ability is truly one of the biggest blessings in my life.

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