Nick’s best friend.

Nick’s best friend is his dad Arden.  They love each other and love being together.  They do have their particular routines and ways of doing things.  Whether it is singing songs back to back every morning while Arden is getting Nick cleaned up and ready for the day or when they sneak off to McDonald’s to get a treat, while they are running errands.

Their favorite jackets are North Face Fleeces, and they love listening to Rock and Roll.  Donuts and Chocolate Milk constitute a preferred snack and are best eaten any time of the day.  Suits should be purchased from the Nordstrom store and neckties should be silk.

Eggnog is important when you can get it and so are root beer floats.  Every dinner needs dessert and rolls should be eaten with butter and jam.  Sitting in front of a fire listening to music is a wonderful way to spend time in the evening, and action movies are the best.

They both love people, and hugs are important.  They both like shopping, especially when things are on sale.  They do chores around the house together, as much as Nick is able to.

They have taught me that even mundane chores can be fun when you experience them with a true friend.

Arden has always been a tremendous example of loving kindness to me.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, we have had our share of disagreements and times of frustration over the years, but he is usually the first one to apologize and forgive the hurt.

Throughout our 40 years of being together, Arden’s incredible example of how to love others, has inspired changes within myself.  I believe that I have learned about service and compassion as I have been blessed by being loved by Arden.

This realization has created another opportunity for us to bond closer together as a couple while we both serve our son.

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