“Oh well.”

Nick has taught us another valuable lesson.  Years ago, we noticed that whenever something bad had happened, Nick would say, “Oh well.”  It might be when the stack he was creating fell over, or even when he himself fell over.  It might be when I was feeding him and I missed and the food was all over the place.  Anything that was frustrating for him to experience, Nick would say, “Oh well.”  We would laugh and I would agree with him.  “You are right, Nick, Oh well.”  I would feel better.  Whether it was the laughter or saying “Oh well,” I am not sure which was the cause.

The next lesson for me came when he would notice that I was frustrated with something that was happening to me.  He started asking, “Oh well, right mommy?” At first I would just look at him.  I am sure that my face was not a happy face.  I certainly didn’t feel like laughing.  This was me it was happening to, and I usually felt it was a pretty serious situation.  Anyway, since he didn’t get the response that he wanted, he would repeat his question, “Oh well, right mommy?” over and over until I would agree with him.  Reluctantly I would say, “you are right Nick, Oh well.”

This lesson took time for me to learn.  I am not always perfect at it, but usually I can see the humor in the situation or at least not take myself so seriously when the unexpected happens.  Tough experiences have taught me that I can get through them.  I just say, “Oh well.” And try to mean it.

So try it, “Oh well.” when the milk spills, “Oh well.” the bread is moldy.  “Oh well.”  someone just hit my car.  “Oh well.” someone hurt my feelings.  The possibilities are endless.  Let me know how it goes.

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  • Violeta Iglesias Posted September 20, 2017 2:09 pm

    Good attitude to have. I tend to dwell too much on things. I will try to take Nick’s advice. 🙂

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