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Life in Ireland began to unfold for author Eva Doherty Gremmert in 1985, when she traveled to Carndonagh, Co. Donegal for the first time with her father and uncle (first generation born in America of Irish parents), and her two sisters.  The sights and sounds, scents and foods, brogues and laughter, music and dancing held her spellbound from the moment she set foot in Ireland.  Since those wonderful first days, she has put down deep roots in the community from which her grandparents emigrated so long ago.  Innumerable trips have now come and gone.  Professionally she is a genealogist specializing in Irish research and her own family tree is filled with stories of the old times, the famine times, the ways and means by which the family endured and prospered.  Eva has collected books, periodicals, letters, photos, and keepsakes that create a tapestry of Irish life in the towns and town lands of the ancestors she holds dear. From a wealth of detailed research and family stories, comes this story of Mary “Hudie” Doherty, Eva’s great grandmother.  This is Eva’s first work of historical fiction.

With four grown children and her own expanding posterity (currently four grandchildren), she is anxiously engaged in her family life of today.  Eva and her husband, Arden, spend their time at their homes in Carnation, Washington and Carndonagh, Ireland. 


Eva spent four years researching the local history and customs of 19th century rural Ireland.  She made several trips, traveling on location, interviewing historians and the older generation still living in Inishowen who remember the stories their grannies told them.

"It is very readable and a nice length.  A good human interest story with good insight into 19th century life.  I think that it conveys an accurate description of life in the period."

-Sean Beattie
Editor, The Donegal Historical Annual

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