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Dealing with death.

Nick has a gentle, kind approach when facing the death of a loved one.  He acknowledges that the person has gone to heaven and that they are going to get a grave for their body.  Over the past few years, when he is visiting someone in the hospital for the last time, his final remarks to them are, “have a fun time in heaven.”

Yesterday we learned that our nephew Ben Worden, aged 25 years had succumbed to pancreatic cancer.  He had been in the hospital for over 2 months.

Even when someone is very ill, it still comes as a shock when they actually pass away.  Arden and I tried to comfort one another.  A few minutes later we needed to awake Nick for his morning care routine.  We told him that Ben had died.

He immediately bowed his head and began praying.  He asked that Ben would have a fun time in heaven.  After finishing praying he looked up at Arden and I.  Immediately, he said, “Oh.” and bowed his head again.  I wondered what he would pray for next.  He said, ” and Heavenly Father, please bless Kris and Keva, they will miss Ben.”  Kris, the mother and Keva, the aunt, would certainly miss Ben, as we all would.

It touched me deeply to know that Nick was aware of the great grief that was rolling through our family and he verbalized this concern in his prayers to God.  In faith, he knew that God could give comfort.

His prayer for his aunts, comforted my soul as well.  I was grateful.

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