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What does Freedom feel like?

You might not know it, but today was National Wheelchair day.  What do you think of when you see someone in a wheelchair?  Does it cross your mind to think of the freedom that chair gives the person?

I am very grateful to whoever it was that invented the wheelchair.  It has made our life so much easier and has given our son Nick the freedom to do otherwise impossible things.  We have taken his chair with us to Europe many times, and across the US on road trips.  It has been an incredible asset when he has needed it.

For the past 4 weeks since he broke his ankle he has spent the majority of his waking hours in a wheelchair.  For some people this is their permanent situation, for Nick it has been a temporary condition.

I admit that it has clipped his wings a little bit.  If someone had stairs going into their home, it was not very easy for Nick to visit.  We avoided going places over this past month because it was more difficult.  After trying to pull his up into our house for a couple of days, we realized that we had to make a ramp to get up our two stairs on our porch.

Ironically today was the first day that he had permission to walk while using his air cast.  So on National Wheelchair day, Nick was able to leave his wheelchair in the trunk of the car and walk into Starbucks for his treat.  Of course we still had to assist him as usual, but I could tell by the spring in his step, that he was grateful for the freedom to walk.

I remarked to Arden this evening that prior to this past month, I sometimes felt frustrated at the time and effort it took to help Nick walk from the car to the house, and throughout the house, etc.  After our recent experience of needing to use the wheelchair to move Nick around, today felt like freedom to me also.

It is funny how your perspective can shift so quickly.  So I am celebrating, Happy National Wheelchair Day!  Freedom is a wonderful thing.

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